There's A Team Fortress 2 Dating Game and Yes, You Need to See This

Valve fans have been known for their sometimes eccentric tastes, and though Team Fortress 2 a decade old - the online FPS still houses an impressive amount of concurrent players. We don't like to just impress though - we like to make things weird so it should be no surprise that there is an actual Team Fortress 2 dating simulator game playable right now.

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(Photo: tf2datingsim)

This entirely fan-made project is not new, but where else to share those hilarious internet finds? The game's description asks the important questions: "What if instead of a team based multiplayer shooter, Team Fortress 2 was a visual novel based in an alternate dimension where all the playable classes were high school students?"

Turns out that the results are glorious - even better than that heavenly sammich in-game. This TF2-inspired dating sim puts the player in an art club in high school alongside The Spy and other instantly recognizable characters from the franchise.


The main game of Team Fortress 2 is an incredibly popular online action game and even being 10 years old, with the original franchise over 21 years of age, it consistently is met with new updates for all nine classes to enjoy. With hilarious personalities found in-game - it's easy to see how fan imagination could just run with it.

TF2 dating simulator is technically still a demo at this point, but it's entirely free to check out if you're having those Fortress feels. The creator also provides live updates, including his current status and where the game is development-wise, on the sim's Tumblr account. To download it for yourself, you can get your hands on it here and here.




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