THQ Nordic Teases Two E3 Game Announcements For "Beloved Franchises"

(Photo: THQ Nordic)

E3 is less than a month away, and while the show is missing some big players this year, there's still going to be boatloads of announcements, trailers, and more. And as it was last year, THQ Nordic will be present at the show in a big way. This time the publisher is promising not one, but two game announcements from beloved franchises players will be excited to see back. More specifically, THQ Nordic teases that one of the games is a "new vision for a beloved franchise" while the other is a "long-awaited return of a galatically beloved game/franchise." Unfortunately, these are the only details the publisher has divulged.

So, the question is: what are these games? Well, it could be a lot of things. THQ Nordic is sitting on a war chest of IP. It could be a new game in any of these franchises: TimeSplitters, Red Faction, Destroy All Humans!, Outcast, Legend of Kay, or Kingdoms of Amular. It owns a ton of IP, but looking at what it has, these seem to be the most notable of said IP that it hasn't made a new game for recently.

As you may know, THQ Nordic doesn't have its own presser, so these two games will presumably be revealed either right before the show kicks off or after all the pressers wrap.

If we're making guesses, I'm betting on Red Faction and Destroy All Humans!. I think a new TimeSplitters is coming, but isn't ready yet. After all, the IP was only required last August. Whatever the case, given how much lighter E3 will be this year without Sony and others, it's good to see hear that fans of at least two franchises will soon be over the moon.


Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What IP would you like to see THQ Nordic bring back (if you can't remember which IP it has acquired, here's a list)?

Thanks, Gaming Bolt.