THQ Nordic's Gamescom Lineup Includes Several Unannounced Games

THQ Nordic unveiled its full Gamescom lineup on Thursday with several unannounced games planned to make appearances throughout its livestream event. Over a dozen games will be featured, some of which have been named already with a smaller number able to be played at the event, but there are at least three instances of games that haven’t been named in THQ Nordic’s plans. The publisher’s vast collection of franchises makes it difficult to guess what games will be shown, but we know at least one of them will be a strategy game.

A press release from THQ Nordic (via Gamasutra) included a graphic which laid out the plans for the company’s Gamescom event. The schedule for the live event has different programs planned 30 minutes or an hour apart from each other starting on August 20th and ending on August 24th. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday will be the days viewers will be able to see whatever unannounced titles the publisher has planned for the event, according to the schedule.

The descriptions for the unknown games to be shown on Tuesday and Friday only say that an “unannounced title” will be shown with “special guests” on the stream, but Wednesday’s listing offers a bit more info. Still called an “unannounced title,” this one is described as “THQ Nordic’s first grand strategy game.” It’s also the only one of the unannounced games which will be showcased for more than 30 minutes with THQ Nordic setting aside two hours between the time that game is shown and the time the next event starts.

Whatever those new games might be, the other titles listed in the lineup include ones that we’ve already heard about before but are no less exciting for people fond of THQ Nordic’s collection. Destroy All Humans! and SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated are two beloved games that’ll make appearances during the stream and will also be playable at the event. They’re joined by Biomutant and Monkey King: Hero is Back, a previously unannounced game that completes THQ Nordic’s list of six playable titles at Gamescom.


THQ Nordic’s Gamescom events kick off on August 20th, so tune into the publisher’s Twitch or YouTube streams on that day to see what’ll be announced.