THQ Nordic Will Announce Three New Games Before E3

E3 2019 officially begins next week, but many companies aren't waiting until the week of the event to start revealing their games. One of those companies is THQ Nordic, a large publisher that has a ton of games in its library ranging from the upcoming Biomutant to the Darksiders series. Instead of sharing one of the stages during E3 for all of its reveals, THQ Nordic is showing off three of its upcoming games this week, the first of which will be revealed on June 5th.

The THQ Nordic Twitter account tweeted about its pre-E3 plans on Tuesday to preview what's to come this week. We don't yet know what the games will be yet since the studio only said it'll have a few games to reveal with no further indication of what they might be, but we do know when the reveals will happen. There will be one each day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and the first will come on 7 a.m. PT while the other two will happen on 11 a.m. PT.

After tweeting about the reveals, THQ Nordic followed up with another tweet to clarify the times the reveals will take place.

There have already been some hints about what THQ Nordic might have planned for E3 as well as at least one confirmed game. The publisher has around 50 games in development right now and has already said it'll be bringing some announcements about "beloved franchises" to E3, so what the company has planned is hard to pin down. A new Darksiders game has at least been confirmed to make an appearance during the E3 Coliseum events, so since that game's already been confirmed, perhaps it'll be one of the first reveals ahead of next week's showcase. It's harder to say what the other two games might be, but previous suggestions that we might see a new Destroy All Humans game aren't looking as likely anymore.


Look for THQ Nordic's first game to be revealed on June 5th with the other reveals coming afterwards.