Titanfall Developer Reportedly Working on New First-Person Shooter

Respawn Entertainment, which is the developer of Titanfall and Apex Legends, is reportedly working on a new first-person shooter. In recent years, a number of fans have continued to request that Respawn develop Titanfall 3, which is something that the studio hasn't necessarily shot down. And while Titanfall 3 might be the project that a multitude of people want to see next, it sounds like Respawn is currently working on something very different. 

According to a new report from GamesBeat, Respawn is developing a new project that could launch in 2024 or 2025. The game in question is still in the early stages of development, but it was being helmed by Mohammad Alavi, who is a former Call of Duty developer. As of this past week, Alavi announced that he would be leaving Respawn after 11 years with the company. And while his absence would seemingly impact this secretive project, Respawn is still said to be moving forward with the game. 

When it comes to further details on this new title from Respawn, it is reportedly another first-person shooter that places a heavy emphasis on mobility. And while this might sound very similar to the studio's Titanfall series, the game is specifically said to not be Titanfall 3. For now, this project is still said to be in the prototype phase, which means that studio members at Respawn will continue to iterate on its core design for the near future. Following this phase, it will then end up entering full production, with the aim to release in the aforementioned release windows. 

Even though it might be strange to hear that Respawn is working on another shooter that isn't related to Titanfall or Apex Legends, the studio has definitely shown over the better part of the past decade that it's one of the best developers in the world when it comes to creating games in this genre. As such, whatever this title becomes in the future will be worth keeping a close eye on. 

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