New Tokyo Ghoul Game Gets A Release Date

Today, publisher Bandai Namco and developer Three Rings announced that their new Tokyo Ghoul game -- Tokyo Ghoul: re Call ot Exist -- will release on November 14 in Japan via the PlayStation 4, and then hit PS4 and PC a day later in the Americas and Europe. To accompany the news, the pair have also revealed a brand-new trailer that showcases some cinematic looks at the title, as well as some of its gamplay.

At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch port, and at this point I would be surprised to see it on either. There's a chance it will come to Nintendo Switch, but I can't see Bandai Namco bringing it to the Xbox One at any point. Not only because the audience isn't there, but I don't anticipate this doing well. Not only do the animations look stiff, but it has a very budget feel to it. Further, the Internet doesn't seem very impressed.

Of course, big Tokyo Ghoul fans will likely get something out of this, but this doesn't seem like the type of game that will make new fans. Anyway, below you can read more about the title, courtesy of an official overview from Bandai Namco itself:


"Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist's fast-paced action will lead players on a gruesome journey where survival is the only goal. Fans will choose their side in the war between Ghouls or Investigators, each with its own unique abilities and weapons to master. Players will use their Kagune or Quinque to take down powerful foes, battling alongside or against friends via online matches where Ghoul and Investigator fight for survival against one another in action-packed four-versus-four showdowns."