New Tony Hawk Skating Game May Have Leaked

A new Tony Hawk skating game is apparently in the works, according to a supposed leak from a group that says we’ll hear their music in the game when it releases this year. The band called “The Death Set” casually threw up a post on their Facebook page that said they’d “just licensed 5 new songs to Tony Hawk 2020 game” and that people would be hearing their music there soon. This isn’t the first rumor about a Tony Hawk game that we’ve gotten, but it’s certainly one of the more convincing ones, assuming everything the band said is accurate.

The post in question from The Death Set is still live on their Facebook page even though there’s been no official announcement about a Tony Hawk game. It’s been up for around 10 hours at the time of publishing, and to take it a step further, the group has even pinned the tweet to their page to make sure it stays there.

There’s always the chance that the post could be taken down, but it’s been up long enough now for people to preserve it online in case that happens.

Hawk’s games were always known for their stellar soundtracks that helped create the experience, so it’s almost fitting that this sort of leak would come from a band which supposedly has its music in the game.

If there is a Tony Hawk game in the works that’s supposed to be releasing this year, it’ll be interesting to see which company is behind it. Hawk commented on his games years ago when people were asking for him to assist in the remastering of some of the older Pro Skater games and said he was no longer working with Activision and that the company owned the rights to the Pro Skater games. He said he’d be happy to give people what they want in terms of turning servers back on or remastering games, but he wasn’t able to.


Despite not working with Activision anymore, Hawk did have a new skating game release in 2018. It’s called Skate Jam, and it’s a mobile skating game. It was at least a Tony Hawk title, but like other games that are announced and then clarified to be mobile-only titles, it was a so-so announcement for people who were waiting on a more traditional skating game to be made.

Look for more news on this rumored Tony Hawk 2020 game to be shared in the future, assuming the leak is real.