Here Are The Top YouTube Moneymakers For 2017

YouTube Top Moneymakers

2017 has just about come to a close, and many companies are summing up their “best of” lists. Amongst them is Forbes recently listing the top ten moneymakers on YouTube.

It appears that, despite some certain limitations with the video channel, there are still a bunch of content makers that are cleaning up big bucks with game and other content-oriented videos.

Here’s the full rundown of the top ten moneymakers for YouTube:

  1. Daniel “DanTDM” Middleton -- $16.5 million, based on Minecraft videos that have managed to garner 11 billion views.
  2. Evan Fong (Vanossgaming) -- $15.5 million. He’s managed to put together videos for games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, raking in big cash from sponsors.
  3. Dude Perfect – A channel that specializes in stunts and stupid tricks with a five man team, including a dude in a panda costume.
  4. Mark Fischback (Markiplier) -- $12.5 million. Everyone knows who Markiplier is, so considering his popularity, his place on the list shouldn’t be a big surprise.
  5. Logan Paul -- $12.5 million. Though his stuff isn’t entirely gaming related, his video blogs have been incredibly popular this year.
  6. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) -- $12 million. Despite some controversial bumps and the loss of Disney, PewDiePie still had a very profitable year.
  7. Jake Paul -- $11.5 million. Like his older brother Logan (see above), Jake makes a pretty good living with his digital blog.
  8. Smosh -- $11 million. A company well known in the gaming circles, as well as with comedy, Smosh continues to have a strong run on YouTube.
  9. Ryan ToysReview -- $11 million. This young kid has a totally successful video channel, reviewing a number of toys for various companies.
  10. Lilly Singh -- $10.5 million. This comedian has made a pretty good living with inspirational video diaries.

So, as you can see, gaming still has quite the stronghold on YouTube, and its users are just as popular as ever with livestreams and such.