New Touhou Game Headed to the U.S. on Nintendo Switch

(Photo: NiS America/ZUN)

If you're a fan of anime, it is somewhat likely that either you or at least one person you know has come across the Touhou franchise at this point. Known for adorable girls, big hats, and iconic video game music, the franchise hosts all sorts of different games under one umbrella.

Created by one-man game developer ZUN, the series debuted back in 2009 and has since produced 15 titles, including Touhou Genso Wanderer, the latest addition to the franchise. Driven equally by its story and battles, the game stands out as one of the more interesting recent RPG dungeon crawlers, and boasts plenty of new characters for long-time fans of the franchise to meet. Now, the game is headed for Nintendo Switch, as confirmed this past weekend by NiS America. Check out the official trailer below:

Here's a little bit about the game itself, which puts players in the shoes of Reimu Hakurei, the franchise's primary heroine:

  • The incident that the Touhou Project's main character, Reimu Hakurei, is going to face this time is full of mysteries. The dungeons she will face will be different every time she enters, as will the items.
  • When equipment levels up, its looks and abilities will also evolve. Through equipment training and synthesis, you can make your favorite weapon the strongest weapon!
  • Also, by using the Nito Fusion system, you can synthesize or mix items anywhere you want. There are thousands of recipes to create items that are useful in the dungeons!
  • As you progress through your adventure, you will encounter a special dungeon that restricts your ability to bring items with you. You can challenge it by yourself, or find an ally to accompany you. This is a roguelike dungeon RPG that you can replay as many times as you want!

Needless to say, it's time to grab your poofiest piece of head gear and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Touhou Genso Wanderer is headed to the Nintendo Switch some time later this year. The game is available to play now on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita.