Transformers Deck-Building Game Announced

Like a lot of fans, I was disappointed that Hasbro ended their Transformers TCG, but the good news is that Renegade Game Studios just announced a brand new card game for Transformers fans to sink their teeth into. Renegade just announced the Transformers Deck-Building Game, which will allow 1 to 4 players to take control of the Autobots and take on the Decepticons in solo, competitive, or cooperative gameplay. The core set, which hits this summer, will get you set up with everything you need to play, but Renegade has already said that playable Decepticons are on the way to expand the experience.

Players will play as one of several iconic Autobots, transforming between bot mode and vehicle mode while picking up allies, finding relics, and acquiring technology and upgrades to bolster your forces. While the full Autobots roster hasn't been revealed yet, we do know that Jazz is one of the playable characters, and you can check him out in the image below.

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

The box art also features Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Arcee, and more, so that might be a good indicator of who else will fill out the cast, but we'll just have to wait and see. Jazz seems to be part of the free exclusive Renegade promo pack, which you get when you pre-order the game from Renegade's store.

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

As for gameplay, Renegade's Power Rangers Deck-Building Game really embraced the franchise and the theme, so if Transformers can do the same, we should be in for a real treat. You can check out the official description below.

"Transform and Roll Out!

The Autobots are brave robot warriors hailing from the planet Cybertron. Their mission? To stop the Decepticons from enacting their evil schemes on Earth.

In this deck-building game, you will take on the role of one of the mighty Autobots. Travel and explore the Matrix and transform between your different modes as you gain allies, find relics, and acquire technology to do battle with the Decepticons. But be warned! As your deck grows, more powerful Decepticons will rise up to challenge you.


The Transformers Deck-Building Game can be played competitively or as a cooperative experience. This Core Set will begin your collection with everything needed to play, but the battle is far from over as playable Decepticons are on the way to expand your game."

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