‘Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes’ Update Introduces a Familiar ‘Killer 7’ Face

Say what you want about Suda 51, but he’s all about taking care of his fans.The game director, [...]

Say what you want about Suda 51, but he's all about taking care of his fans.

The game director, whose real name is Goichi Suda, recently released Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for Nintendo Switch with his team at Grasshopper Interactive; and it's been pretty well received thus far. (We enjoyed it too, based on our review.) But he's just introduced a new update that brings a familiar Killer 7 hero into the action- well, for a quick cameo, at least.

When fans update their version of the game (be it physical or digital, it applies to both, and it's live now), they'll see Dan Smith from Killer 7 fame show up in the intro, as he pays a visit to Bad Man, one of the key characters who can be played in the game.

You can see the image of Dan above, as well as in Grasshopper's tweet below. As you can see, he's looking pretty dapper lately.

Alas, you probably shouldn't expect much more than that, as Dan isn't a playable character. At least, not yet. But it is a great nod to the franchise, which made its debut on PC a little while back. Might this be a hint that the Nintendo Switch is getting some Killer action soon as well? After all, that game did release on GameCube, so who knows.

But the level of fan service is nice. Suda even brought back Dan's original voice actor, Michael Gough, to voice him, which is a nice touch.

You can read my review of Travis here; and even though it's different from his previous adventures, it's still worth checking out. "While parts of the game can be annoying at times, it's got enough enjoyable combat to go around (thanks to upgrades), whether solo or with a buddy. Throw in some extra content that's sure to appeal to the old-school crowd, along with a presentation that's right on par with other entries in the series, and you have a game that's not only a hit, but also just the kind of thing that new players can get into as well," I said.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is available now for Nintendo Switch. You can also check out Killer 7 on PC as well.

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