Rumor: New Open-World Tron Game In Development, Coming in 2021

According to a new rumor, there's a new Tron game in development for next-gen consoles -- so PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett -- that will arrive in 2021. Details beyond this are a bit scarce, but the rumor claims the game is an open-world RPG with online components that tie the worlds of players together. Lastly, the rumor notes the game has been in development for roughly three years.

Now, the rumor comes way of am anonymous source from Reddit, so take this with a MAJOR grain of salt. The biggest you can find. That said, this is an odd one to make up. It's not like people are chomping at the bit for a new Tron game. Fake video game rumors are all over the Internet, but they usually pertain to either big series or a series that's been gone for a really long time, and thus people would be excited to see. In other words, who's out here in 2019 just making up rumors about a new Tron game for the fun of it? It's certainly possible, but that's a weird thing to do, even for a fake rumor spreader.

Of course, it's possible there's indeed a new Tron game in development, but some of these details could be wrong. And if they are accurate, they are always subject to change. If there is a new Tron game in development, there's a good chance it will be more Legacy than classic Tron, though I reckon the latter would be the more popular aesthetic choices.

Again, don't take any of this to the bookies. We are in deep, deep rumor territory here. That said, I've seen dubious rumors like this turn out to be true in the past. Sometimes the most shoddy rumors turn out to be the accurate ones. When someone creates a fake rumor, they often go through a lot of trouble to make it seem real. This one is straight to the point and simple, which I think actually makes it more credible. Alas, unfortunately, all we can do is wait and see.


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