Tumblr's New Partnership Makes It Easier Than Ever to Share Gaming Clips

Those who find their social gaming needs met through clips and posts on Tumblr now have an easier way to find their favorite game-related content thanks to a new partnership. Tumblr announced this week that the social media platform is now working with Medal.tv to allow its users to have an easier time sharing clips with their followers that immortalize their best gaming moments through clips that'll last up to 60 seconds.

The new partnership between Medal.tv and Tumblr was announced on Tumblr's gaming page to show its users how they can start clipping their videos. The gist of Medal.tv is that it's an easy way for people to share their gaming clips, and the integration with Tumblr makes it easy to use Medal.tv there.

"Medal.tv is an exciting new platform created by gamers who knew what the gaming community really wants from this kind of service," Tumblr's post said. "They allow you to share and view your favorite 15, 30, or 60 second clips of gameplay with one single button. It takes less than 10 seconds."

Head on over to Medal.tv's site and you'll see examples of what some of these clips look like. People can upload their favorite moments from their games like the one below that came from Fortnite. Lots of the clips there appear to be from that battle royale game which isn't too surprising, though other games like PUBG and Rocket League also made appearances in the clips shared.

Siena Nahl, the head of gaming and esports partnerships at Tumblr, said this partnership is an opportunity for Tumblr users to better connect with each other through their gaming moments.


"Medal's platform and presence on Tumblr is emerging in a time where sharing short-form video has increasingly become a means of self-expression for users," Nahl said. "Tumblr has long been a platform for users to explore and connect with others on the things they love. This partnership with Medal is an opportunity for the gaming community to continue to connect with other users through their favorite game moments captured on Medal."

Once you've downloaded the PC app for Medal.tv, you can start clipping and sharing your moments. Tumblr's post said there's a chance your clips will be reblogged on its gaming site if they're shared on Tumblr.