New Grant For Twitch Aims to Promote Strong Female Streamers, Here's How

twitch streamers
(Photo: Twitch)

Twitch, a popular gaming streaming service, has just announced that they are partnering up with the '1,000 Dreams Fund' charity organization in an effort to promote strong female streamers in the industry.

In an effort for support, the two brands are teaming up to offer financial grants to promising females looking to make a career out of streaming. A few years ago that sentence may have sounded silly but now? The professional market has changed. There are streamers out there making millions doing what they love but there is a noticeable divide in this particular market.

There is an undeniable gap in the streaming venue that shows women are not as strongly presented as many "anti-tittie streamers" would have you believe. It's not for lack of interest in gaming, but an overall stigma that there really isn't "a right way" for females on camera.

"Many of the problems women face are because of lack of respect," caster Tina "shadowfoxx086" Degenhart said. "But gaming is just another platform that we shouldn't shy away from. The industry won't understand how to treat women if we don't show them how to treat women."

To help allow female streamers that show promise in this field, the organization is looking to grant at least two high school/college students every semester up to $2,000 in funding. According to a recent press release, this money is there to help dreaming streamers cover conference travel, set up upgrades, workshop attendance, and more. It's more than just financial aid, it's guidance.


Interested in learning more? You can check out their website right here, as well as make sure to tune in because the organization is planning a "Streams for Dreams" livestream event to help raise awareness and support for the campaign. The gaming event will kick off on March 1st and will run for the entire month. This will also give up and coming streamers a chance at the spotlight, as several gamers will be showcased throughout to raise "awareness for the continued gender gap in financial funding for young women in the ever-expanding gaming and broadcasting space."