Twitch Hack Leads to Jeff Bezos Pogchamp Emote Appearing in Strange Places

It's been a rough week for those at Twitch. Not only was the massive streaming website the prey of a substantial hack earlier this week, but said hack resulted in a number of pieces of important information falling into public view. Now, to make this week even more stressful for Twitch, it looks like another new hack has now come about, although this new breach is seemingly meant to troll the website more so than do any real damage. 

Over the course of the past day, numerous Twitch users have started to notice that images for certain games on the platform had been removed entirely. In their place, a picture of former Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, doing the "Pogchamp" emote was discovered. If you're not familiar with what the Pogchamp emote is, essentially, it's an image of a person where their mouth is agape, typically in bewilderment at whatever they might be seeing. This image of Bezos was one that appeared as the masthead picture for numerous games on Twitch, including Grand Theft Auto 5, Apex Legends, Minecraft, and numerous others. 

At this point in time, there's a lot that we don't know about this strange situation. For starters, it's hard to know whether or not this hack was in tandem with the one that came about for Twitch earlier this week. In addition, it's also unknown if this matter came about as a result of a hack in the first place. Some have suggested that it could have been the result of an image caching issue associated with Twitch.

Whatever the truth of the matter is, though, this problem has since been rectified by Twitch not long after it was discovered. While there are still numerous videos and screengrabs on the internet that prove this Bezos-involved situation came about in the first place, the underlying reason behind the whole ordeal isn't really known. 

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