Twitch Reveals Plans for Local Subscription Pricing

In a new blog post, Twitch revealed that it is now planning to offer alternate subscription prices based on a user's location. As a result of the change, subscribers in several countries will see the price for a Twitch Tier 1 subscription lowered to reflect that area's cost of living. The first two countries that will see a change are Mexico and Turkey, but other countries will see similar changes in the future. According to Twitch, the number of active users that subscribe to streamers is significantly lower outside of the US. In Europe and Asia, it's 50% less, while in Latin America, it's 80%.

According to Twitch, the company has found success raising the number of subscribers in certain regions by dropping prices. This also proved beneficial to creators as "lower sub prices more than doubled creator revenue and total subscriber count" following one price test in Brazil. As such, Twitch is recommending that subscribers get the word out about these price drops on their streams.

The Tweet announcing the change can be found embedded below.

Following the Tweet above, one user questioned whether or not some subscribers would be able to use a VPN to get a cheaper price. Apparently, pricing will be determined by payment method and location, which should make it more difficult for people to abuse these alternate pricing structures.

So far, reception to the change seems pretty positive! A lot of Twitch users outside of the US seem hopeful that the change will allow them to subscribe to more streamers. It remains to be seen what areas will see these changes next, but hopefully this will come as a benefit to streamers and the rest of the Twitch community.


The Subscriber price drops for Mexico and Turkey are set to take effect on May 20th. The price in Mexico will be 48 pesos for a Tier 1 subscription, and 9.90 TRY in Turkey.

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