Twitch Loses Shroud to Mixer

Twitch lost yet another one of its top-tier streamers this week with Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has joined Mixer. Shroud announced his move from the Amazon-owned Twitch to Microsoft’s streaming platform on Thursday in a brief video not unlike the one that was shared by Tyler “Ninja” Blevins when he moved to Mixer first. Both streamers had considerable followings on Twitch, and many of Shroud’s followers will presumably be following him over to Mixer.

The announcement video from Shroud can be seen below where the streamer said that he’ll have a new home on Mixer with that transition apparently being in effect right now. He’s already got a channel set up on Mixer which can be seen here where you’ll be able to find Shroud streaming his usual catalogue of shooters and other titles.

Shroud plays the usual suspects like PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Apex Legends which will likely be the same ones he plays on Mixer. His announcement video said that this would be the same Shroud just with a new home, so it doesn’t look like much will be changing other than the streaming site where his viewers watch him compete.

The Mixer channel for the streamer is technically live now, but he’s not streaming himself yet. Instead, there’s a timer counting down to 5 p.m. PT when Shroud is expected to make an appearance on Mixer. Judging from the timing of this announcement and the games releasing this week, it seems like a safe bet to imagine that Shroud’s first game he plays on Mixer will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. At the time of publication, there are around 12,000 people watching that timer tick down and filling his chat with comments. The number keeps growing as well, so he’ll likely have quite the viewership there by the time he’s actually ready to stream.

Shroud’s move to Mixer follows a similar event from earlier in the year when Ninja announced that he’d be leaving Twitch to go to Microsoft’s platform. The amount that Microsoft paid Ninja to come to their platform has been a highly debated topic, but an actual number still hasn’t been confirmed. It’s presumed that Shroud got a similarly impressive offer to move from the safety of Twitch to Mixer. Ninja also got the opportunity to play Gears 5 early since it’s one of Microsoft’s first-party games, so the same offer may be extended to Shroud if an opportunity fits.