Twitch Played The Outer Worlds and Killed the First NPC

Obsidian Entertainment handed the reigns to Twitch and let the community play The Outer Worlds before the game’s release, and the preview went about as well as expected. While struggling with what would normally be simple tasks like opening a door and moving around a room, Twitch has managed to make the most of the game’s freedom it allots players by taking out friendly and unfriendly NPCs as they come across them. They also killed off the very first NPC you come across to prove that they weren’t there to mess around.

The Twitch Plays event was first announced last week when Obsidian said The Outer Worlds would become the first game to be played by the Twitch community. For those unfamiliar with Twitch Plays, it’s a type of Twitch event that lets viewers issue commands in chat to control whatever game is being played. It’s mostly done with games that don’t require reactions too quickly such as Pokemon, so The Outer Worlds is far outside of the norm here.

That stream is still going on now as players dodge their way through battles and make questionable decisions (they’re currently beating people down with a lightning-infused sledgehammer at the time this is written). If you’re just now joining into the experience, you missed some of the highlights like the one below where Twitch killed off the first NPC. Twitch chat got faster and faster as players inputted conflicting instructions that ultimately resulted in them shooting an NPC in the head which sent the chat into a flurry of exclamations.

Other moments where critical decisions were made include the chance to have someone join your crew. There are usually some incentives to growing your party which means that adding a crew member seems like a logical choice unless you’re morally opposed to them or they conflict with your larger goals. Twitch didn’t feel the same way though and sent the would-be crew member packing.


It’s unclear how long this Twitch Plays session will continue, though it looks like it might run right up until the day this week that The Outer Worlds releases. Anyone can hop in the Twitch stream and start issuing commands so long as you have a Twitch account, so you’ve technically got a few days to play Obsidian’s game before it releases.

The Outer Worlds is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on October 25th.