Twitch Prime Members Will Soon Be Able To Get More Overwatch Loot Boxes


A while ago, Twitch formed a partnership with the publishers at Blizzard to provide some fun little bonuses for Twitch Prime subscribers, in the form of special loot boxes. That promotion has since come to an end, but it looks like it's making the rounds again.

Starting next week, on August 10th, and running all the way through September 10th, members of Twitch Prime will be able to score a redeemable code that will earn them five free loot boxes for the month. In addition, they'll also be eligible for five additional loot boxes in October, though a specific date wasn't given.

The program is meant to serve as an initiative to get more Twitch Prime members on board. It's already a pretty big service, with Amazon Prime streaming services (including music and video), one Twitch subscription thrown in, a 20 percent discount on select games, and several other benefits. No doubt this Overwatch deal will help out.

The boxes contain at least one legendary skin for one of the 25 characters within the game, along with other goodies that haven't been disclosed just yet.

Blizzard did make it clear that the loot boxes in the promotion won't be tied in with the forthcoming Summer Games event that's set to kick off in a few days. Still, it's a good promotion that'll give you additional goodies for no extra cost, so kudos to that.

There's still time to jump in to Twitch Prime, which goes for around $11.99 a month (plus tax), or even less if you go for a multi-month program in advance.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.