Twitch's New Squad Stream Feature Lets Creators Stream Together

Twitch is rolling out a new Squad Stream feature that’ll allow content creators to team up and [...]

Twitch is rolling out a new Squad Stream feature that'll allow content creators to team up and stream their games together. The feature supports up to four different streamers at once to show different perspectives of games and give viewers sampling of multiple streamers at once. Those viewers will still be able to interact with specific streamers as well and can still utilize other features like creating clips of the stream and watching it on mobile platforms.

Squad Streams were revealed by Twitch on Wednesday through a blog post that announced the feature end explained how it works. It'll be made available to Twitch Partners first, though the plan is to roll it out to all other streamers as the service and video quality options are tested. Viewers will be able to opt into or out of the Squad Stream so that they have the option of only watching their preferred streamer alone if that's what they want.

"Creators can join forces right from the dashboard, stream content they wouldn't normally stream, and grow their communities all at the same time," Twitch's blog post said about the new feature. "Viewers get more angles on the action, a way to support more of their favorite streamers with ease, and a chance to chat with several great communities at once — or join a new one."

The new Squad Stream feature is now available to Twitch Partners, and to celebrate the release of the feature, Twitch has lined up a few Squad Streams to watch throughout the next few days. Popular streamers shroud, just9n, and Skadoodle will be playing Apex Legends later today at 4 p.m. PT, the post said, and others will be playing Battlefield V and Fortnite later on. The scheduled Squad Streams continue until April 7th, but you can catch Squad Streams from your own preferred streamers in the meantime.

To interact with the streamers, viewers will be able to click different channels' video players to select one that'll be in the primary viewing slot. This determines who the viewer is interacting with as well as which views are counting towards streamers' totals.

Twitch's Squad Stream feature is available now with the full FAQ about the release seen here.


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