Twitter Announces New Image, Video Feature

Twitter continued its string of new features this week by announcing an update that makes it so that people can upload mixed media to included in their tweets. This means that you're no longer restricted to only including a gif in one tweet or a series of photos. Instead, you can now include something like a gif next to a static image in your tweets to "create a whole vibe" among other things, according to Twitter.

Like many other announcements of long-time-coming features that Twitter unveils, this feature is one that's been requested for quite a while now. A video shared by Twitter through the Twitter Support account showed what this process looks like in action, but you'll likely see examples of this elsewhere on Twitter, too, now that the update is out for mobile devices.

"Adding 'mixed' media to a Tweet is simple and straightforward. When composing a Tweet, tap the 'Media' or 'GIF' icons and select the content you want to share (and don't forget to add descriptive text to make your images more accessible). That's it!" a preview of this feature from the associated Twitter blog explained. "You can add up to four videos, images, and/or GIFs per Tweet. The update is currently available on iOS and Android, however Tweets with different content types can be consumed on all platforms."

As the tweet pointed out, this feature is currently only available on Android and iOS devices when it comes to actually posting the tweets, but you'll be able to see them out in the wild regardless of what device you're using.

This feature follows the announcement of another update that was much more sought after than this one: an edit button. While the option to edit tweets is not fully out in the wild yet for everyone to utilize, Twitter showed off the first edited tweet recently to show what this process would look like.


The latest update for Twitter should now be out on mobile devices, so expect to see it released for other platforms in the future.