Two New Gameplay Videos Revealed For Killer Instinct’s Newest Character, Eagle

We know that Killer Instinct will be getting some fresh blood later this month with the debut of [...]

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We know that Killer Instinct will be getting some fresh blood later this month with the debut of Eagle, the younger brother of series veteran Chief Thunder. But up until this point, we haven't been able to see just what he's capable of.

Fortunately, the team at Iron Galaxy have decided to resolve that, and have released a pair of new gameplay videos featuring the young hero in action. In each video, you get to see Eagle in a new outfit, but his skills, mostly revolving around a set of bow and arrows, along with a cybernetic bird flying nearby, generally look about the same.

Eagle was mentioned in the original Killer Instinct, where it was noted that he was the winner of the last tournament that was held, but vanished before he could be converted into a Fulgore by the corporation Ultratech.

It'll be interesting to see how Eagle fares against the likes of Chief Thunder, as well as the other characters that are included in Killer Instinct's roster.

In the first video, featured below, Eagle toes to battle against Shin Hisako while wearing some rather cool purple thread, putting the somewhat demonized swordswoman in her place with a bevy of attacks. He can chain together a good amount of combos, and his strength and speed seem to benefit him greatly.

As for the second gameplay video, we get to see Eagle in action against the all-powerful Fulgore, who has no words for the young hero when their fight begins. But that's not really necessary, considering all the ass-kicking that's happening during the match anyway. And, like with the first video, we really get an idea of what Eagle is capable of within the battle, with a wide set of moves and, again, that speed really coming into play when it comes to kicking an enormous amount of butt.

Eagle is set to be released for the game on June 27th. A price point hasn't been given just yet, but he's expected to go for $4.99. He looks to be a sharp addition to the roster, especially to those that have been looking to play as someone new.

Killer Instinct is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10.