Ubisoft's Sam is Siri for Gamers

Ubisoft revealed a new virtual assistant called Sam that acts as a voice activated middleman for [...]

Ubisoft revealed a new virtual assistant called Sam that acts as a voice activated middleman for Assassin's Creed Origins, Rainbow Six Siege, and every other Ubisoft game a player might be interested in.

Sam is packaged into the Ubisoft Club app that already put all the games conveniently into one spot. Those who take part in the club's features are able to receive quick info on Ubisoft games while also rolling in some cross-game content with special items offered in the Ubisoft stores found in its games, but Sam will act like a gaming version of Siri or Alexa to quickly tell you what you want to know with a push of a button and a few spoken words.

The trailer that was released for the virtual assistant feature shows off some of Sam's possibilities that include pulling up trailers in a hurry and tracking your in-game progress. When asked for some information about Assassin's Creed Origins, Sam was quick to check out the player's linked profile and return with an analysis about how much time was spent in-game and how little of the game that time had actually covered. You can also connect with your friends to see what they're playing at the moment and schedule some gaming appointments for later in the day. Sam will also even respond to text messages as well and will figure out what you're trying to say while helping you shop, learn, and improve your play.

It looks like Sam also tracks your winning (or losing) streaks as well and tries to offer some tips if you don't seem to be doing well. The trailer shows Sam proposing a video with tips and tricks on how to succeed in certain Rainbow Six Siege maps, and although the helpful gesture is noted, that might be the last thing that someone wants to see after losing a hard-fought battle in any game.

There are a couple of catches to Sam's role in the Ubisoft Club app though. For now, the feature is only available in English, and it's also restricted to Canada at the moment, but a wider release seems likely after those in Canada have it for themselves for a while.