Ubisoft Tweet Has Splinter Cell Fans Hoping for a New Game Announcement

Ubisoft shared an innocent enough tweet through one of its social media accounts that’s already managed to stir up the Splinter Cell community with hopes for a new game announcement. A Splinter Cell image showing Sam Fisher wearing his iconic goggles was tweeted this week along with a cryptic message that talked about understanding darkness in order to face it. Some people are already taking this tweet to be a teaser while others aren’t convinced yet.

The tweet below was shared by the Ubisoft Spain account on Friday to remind its followers of the acclaimed Splinter Cell series. We see Sam Fisher with his goggles along with Ubisoft’s message that could be construed as a teaser if you’re already anticipating a Splinter Cell announcement of some sort.

It’s not much to go off of, but with how badly Splinter Cell fans want a new game, not much was needed in the first place. There have been multiple “leaks” and rumors in the past about a new Splinter Cell game in the past, so while many within the community will have latched onto this latest “teaser” by now, plenty more have probably retired from the speculation until an announcement is actually made.

For those thinking this image might be totally new, it’s worth noting that this version of Fisher was the one seen in the Ghost Recon Wildlands teaser for its Splinter Cell crossover. That trailer which can be seen at the top previewed the meeting of Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon and was the first version of Fisher fans had seen in quite some time.


It’s also been pointed out by now that this tweet comes just a week before Xbox’s X019 takes place, an event that’s supposed to have new reveals. Seeing a Splinter Cell game announced at this so rt of event doesn’t seem extremely likely, but there’s always at least a chance.

A few of Ubisoft’s games got delayed recently and were the subject of a Ubisoft earnings call. There were mentions of two unannounced games releasing for both this generation of consoles and the next, so perhaps there’s still a chance for a Splinter Cell game to be real even if the chance is a slim one.

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