Uncharted Director Comments on Fan Film Starring Nathan Fillion

Earlier this month we saw an amazing fan film from Firefly's Nathan Fillion with the actor [...]

Earlier this month we saw an amazing fan film from Firefly's Nathan Fillion with the actor portraying Drake from the iconic PlayStation Uncharted franchise. Fillion showed the world that he knew exactly how to bring the character to life on the big screen and even the director for the official Uncharted movie himself even took notice.

Director Shawn Levy recently sat down with Bad Taste to discuss his work on the film with Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. The topic of course came up about the fan film itself and when Levy confirmed that he had in fact seen it, he added that it was one hundred percent a pleasant surprise. "Oh my God!" Levy exclaimed, "Yes, absolutely a surprise! I found it direct very well, played just as well. Very funny. I liked it both as a fan of the game and of the franchise."

For those worried about another video game movie adaptation, Levy did also mention that he's working very closely with the game's creator Neil Druckmann. "Neil and I have met many times and we have known each other for a long time," Levy explained, "even in private life we have an excellent relationship. Let's say that Neil understood the fact that I will respect the game a lot but at the same time I will try to tell an original story about Nathan Drake that has not yet been told in the game. So I respect what he did, what he built and he respects my decisions that are more strictly cinematographic, related to the plot. It is a very good collaboration process."

Though we already know Tom Holland was cast as Nathan Drake himself, we can't help but to be a little sad that Fillion might not ever step into that role in an official capacity on screen.

Though some fans had the concern that the actor was "too old" to play a younger Nathan Drake, the short film proved he knew this character inside and out. He's always been my dream personal pick, and for good reason, and it looks like that pick might not be a dead as we might think. At least not totally shot down. According to a previous report from Entertainment Weekly, fan film creator Allan Ungar has already received "a couple of emails" about furthering this film experience.

"I think if it makes sense and if it's done right, I'd be thrilled to have a conversation about it and possibly see this specific story continue," he told EW. He also explained why they made the film to begin with, stating:

The idea had come to me a couple years ago. It was shortly after the "Power/Rangers" short had come out and there was this period of time when we were seeing an influx of these fan trailers and fan films that had filmmakers and actors coming together to give back to the fans. It had taken a long time for both of our schedules to work out, and our mutual friend Alex Lebovici put us in touch in January. I was in Los Angeles for some meetings, and Nate and I sat down for dinner to, really, pitch him this idea that I had for the last several years, and we just took it from there.… I did say to Nathan, "Listen, I'm not proceeding with this if you are not interested whatsoever. Obviously, it's not to pressure you, I just want you to know that the reason I'm doing it is because I believe in what it represents and what it could be, and I don't think there is a point in trying to go outside the system and make a fan film if it's not gonna be with you in that role."

Personally, we're just excited about the upcoming movie! Though Nathan Drake's story is done in the video game format, his life can continue in books, comics, and now - film.