Unravel Two Port For Nintendo Switch Would've Resulted In a Lengthy Delay

Unravel 2

One of the bigger surprises to come out of EA's press conference during E3 week was the release of Unravel Two, Coldwell Interactive's innovative follow-up to its yarn-based platforming adventure. In this new game, Yarny returns but has a tagalong buddy that follows him around on a deserted island.

The game has a lot of innovation going for it on consoles and PC. But what about the Nintendo Switch?

The developer recently spoke out about Nintendo's handheld explaining to GamesIndustry International that if it did plan a port for the Switch, it would've resulted in delaying the game a few more months due to the small size of the team.

"Even those controllers on the side are the same colours as the Yarnies - it's incredible," noted producer Michael Gill. "It's a machine made for Unravel Two. But we run at 60 frames per second, that's really important for us and we want to keep that framerate. To keep that on Switch, and to keep the graphical quality [would have been difficult]."

"We really wanted to be able to release this week, but if we had to do a Switch port it would have taken another half a year or so," he added. "We're also using a heavily extended version of [Sony's] PhyreEngine, and we had to port it to Xbox One ourselves. It doesn't have support for Switch yet, so we would have to do that port and the engine work ourselves, and we're a really small team. We only have two engine programmers across the whole team, and they mostly work on updates for the game so we just didn't have time."

Adding to the conversation, creative director Martin Sahlin recently hopped on Twitter to talk about the lack of a Switch port. You can see his tweets below.

It sounds like a job for a team that could port the game over to Nintendo Switch with ease. Hey, uh, Panic Button, you busy with anything once you wrap up Wolfenstein…?


Unravel Two is available now for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.