Reminder: If You Bought Your Loved One A Game System, Make Sure You Get It Updated Today

Video Game System Update

There are plenty of great deals on game systems right now, including the Xbox One X, the PlayStation 4 and its varying models, and the Nintendo Switch, amongst many others. And we know that millions of family members, friends and loved ones will be giving these out this holiday season, just to see the looks on their faces when they open them up and yell, “I’m gaming tonight!”

However, before you wrap everything up and have it good to go (if you haven’t already), there’s some novel advice that we’d like to give.

First off, go ahead and open the system up. This may take away from the “newness” of it all, but there’s actually a good reason for this. Now, onto the second and most important thing – go ahead and hook it up, and download the latest firmware and updates for it. This includes games as well, as there are some that have some hefty updates.

The reason we say this is because traffic is going to be slammed on Christmas day. You’re going to have people trying to get online with their systems, only to run into some hang-ups with traffic or, worse yet, server issues that Sony, Microsoft and/or Nintendo just aren’t ready for. Today, with Christmas Eve happening, and a lot of shopping and family get-togethers taking place, you’re going to run into far less trouble.

Once that’s done, you should be able to put the system back the way it is, and then re-affix some tape onto it so that it still appears new. That way, you’ll still get the happy surprise looks that you want on Christmas day, but none of the disappointment that comes with having to wait for hours on end for something to connect so you can play it.


This may be a bit hectic for some of you, especially coming on Christmas Eve and all, but you’ll thank us for it when your loved ones are playing through the latest game without having to wait for some kind of online hang-up.

Happy Holidays, and enjoy your gaming!