US Judge Blocks GTA Online Cheaters

One thing that is synonymous with online gaming, especially on PC, is the overabundance of [...]

One thing that is synonymous with online gaming, especially on PC, is the overabundance of cheating and the use of hacks. There are so many tools out there that offer players an unfair advantage in an online title which only seems to grow in popularity, fanning frustration everywhere in the gaming community. One court decided to take matters into their own hands when they gave Take-Two Interaction an injunction that put a stop to one of the most used software programs used by cheaters in Grand Theft Auto Online.

According to Reuters, US District Judge Louis Stratton granted the injunction this past Thursday against Georgia native David Zipperer. Zipperer is responsible for two cheating programs that are abundantly used in the online community and repeatedly ignored warnings from the Grand Theft Auto publisher.

You may be familiar with his work. The most common programs to come from Zipperer is both Menyoo and Absolute. Called "trainers," his programs grant unfair advantages in-game such as a version of God Mode, aim assist, and more. There's also a single-player version of this mod, which is not at all uncommon and bears no ethical issues. It's when cheaters use these programs against other players in an online environment that frustration begins to mount.

But it's not just about a permanent shut down, it's about revenue lost as well. The publisher mentioned in their plea that these two trainers have cost Take-Two over $500,000, therefore has ramped up their desire to shut it down for good.

So what's the purpose of the injunction? The overall aim is to stop the creator from selling his software, therefore halting his profits. The gist is that the nature of Zipperer's mods enabled "griefing" and other negative behaviors that not only infringed upon the company's copyright, but also made the gameplay experience less enjoyable and therefore less profitable.

This is all a part of Take-Two Interactive's promise to come after cheaters, against those that cause "disruptions" within the online community. Do you agree with their methods? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!