Valheim Gets Another Mistlands Update, Patch Notes Revealed

Valheim players finally got their hands on some of the Mistlands contents recently when Iron Gate Studio released a Mistlands update just over a week ago, and already, the game's gotten another Mistlands patch to refine some of the content. Iron Gate announced this week Patch 0.212.7, a patch which isn't yet up on the game's live servers but has been added to the testing environment for players to preview ahead of its full release.

As one might've expected, the bulk of the content added to the game was in the original Mistlands update, so this one is largely playing cleanup for the first. It contains plenty of fixes for different things that weren't working correctly as well as some more interesting adjustments like redone loot pools for Mistlands dungeons and some slight balance changes.

The full patch notes for the update released on Thursday can be seen below:

Valheim December 1st Test Server Update

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a missing Mistlands dream text
  • Fish are no longer as slippery and you can now pick them up again by pressing the "use" button
  • Applied a fix to fish so they should no longer float in the air
  • Lowered Pufferfish poison radius
  • Fishing bait recipes now give more bait
  • Dungeon doors are excluded from Guardstones and should no longer be able to be "locked"
  • Added more interesting items to chests found inside Mistlands dungeons
  • Functioning Wisplights are now only still intact at dungeons and not at Dvergr ruins (for easier findability)
  • Tweaked the resource cost of building items (most Black marble pieces, Copper wall, Dvergr stairs and Ballista)
  • Wisplight torch sound fixed
  • Fixed wrong SFX & VFX on Black marble bench and table
  • Armor stands now has arm support for Mistlands armor sets
  • Ballista bolts can no longer be equipped
  • Ballistas no longer go ballistic at low health
  • Ballista aim angle slightly increased
  • Correct message is now displayed if players try to load the ballista when they don't have any ammo in their inventory
  • Newly added events in Mistlands now spawn mobs correctly
  • Mobs that only spawn during the night now successfully despawn again at day
  • Tick detach system tweaked
  • Simplified Seeker egg destruction VFX to reduce FPS drops
  • Fixed wrong SFX & VFX on chickens and hens
  • Hugin/Munin should no longer be able to float in the air when they spawn
  • Localization updated
  • Crow talk added to Compendium
  • Lower radiation rate on Refined Eitr
  • Tweaked positions for attach on some prefabs
  • Minor performance tweaks

New content

  • Enabled Yule seasonal items (Yule tree, Yuleklapp, Yule wreath, Yule garland and Mistletoe)