Valkyrae Says She's Happy She Didn't Quit GTA RP in Spite of Toxic Chat

Only a few short weeks ago, YouTube streamer Valkyrae revealed that she was preparing to end [...]

Only a few short weeks ago, YouTube streamer Valkyrae revealed that she was preparing to end playing on the Grand Theft Auto NoPixel roleplay server. The reason why she was planning to move away from this game was because of how her chat (and the chats of other streamers) tended to be when playing while on stream. Despite the toxic nature of her chat at times, Valkyrae has now said that she's glad she worked through this rough patch.

In a tweet, Valkyrae said that she now has so much more fun playing on the GTA RP server. "I love Grand Theft Auto RP. So glad I gave it multiple chances after being too overwhelmed by the learning curve," she said on social media. "The No Pixel server is great."

Even though Valkyrae had previously gone so far as to say that she was "over" playing Grand Theft Auto and would instead prefer to play games like Valorant, it seems she was able to work through those struggles. Perhaps the most notable reason she seems to be enjoying the game more now is because she is no longer overwhelmed by it. This is perhaps the most relatable element of her explanation by far. Not only is it surely daunting needing to become a character and roleplay while playing a video game, but to do so while thousands of people are watching you on stream must make it that much more intense.

Whereas we once thought that Valkyrae might stay away from the Grand Theft Auto RP NoPixel server altogether, it now seems quite likely that she'll be jumping into the game more frequently in her coming streams. Even though Valkyrae is still very much a variety streamer when it comes to the titles she'll play with her audience, if you were someone that was specifically crossing their fingers in the hopes of seeing her play GTA more often, it looks like your wish has been granted.

[H/T Dexerto]