Valorant Patch Updates 4 Agents

A new Valorant patch has arrived with changes affecting four different Agents among other adjustments. Viper, Raze, Brimstone, and Cypher are the four characters affected with a mix of buffs, nerfs, and other changes applied to each of them such as Raze’s ultimate now costing a bit more and Viper having more freedom to move around outside of her Viper’s Pit ability. A weapon update for the Classic and some more quality-of-life adjustments were also included in the patch notes for Update 1.04.

Riot Games shared the notes for the latest Valorant update on Tuesday, right on schedule with the expected timing for the latest update. If you’re fond of any of the four Agents mentioned above, you’ll want to take note of what’s included in the notes.

Those changes pertaining to Viper, Raze, Brimstone, and Cypher can be seen below.


Viper’s Pit

  • Max time outside of her ult before it collapses changed from 5>>>15 seconds
  • Viper can hold the ability key to drop her ult early
  • Enemies in Viper’s Pit have their minimap obscured and do not provide minimap detection to their allies
  • Increased the brightness of the red enemy glow at the edge of Viper's near-sight


  • Enemy decay per second increased from 10 to 15 from all sources.
  • After exiting Viper's smoke, enemy decay sustains for 2.5 seconds before starting to fade


  • Having both Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen active does not consume additional fuel beyond the cost of having one active



  • Ultimate Cost changed from 6 to 7 Ult points


Orbital Strike

  • Ultimate cost changed from 6 to 7 Ult points

Stim Beacon

  • No longer Buffs enemies and no longer shows its effect radius to enemies

Brimstone’s Arms Fidelity

  • Increased the fidelity of Brimstone's arms to match the overall quality of the game


Cyber Cage

  • Can now be picked up during the buy phase

Those are the major changes included in the patch notes, but if you want to see them in full, you can read through the changes here. Context for why different parts of the Agents’ kits were changes can also be found there if you’re looking for some justification as to why your favorite character was affected by the patch.

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