Valorant Console Release Is Being Considered

Valorant is only available on the PC right now following its full launch from earlier in the week, [...]

Valorant is only available on the PC right now following its full launch from earlier in the week, but there's a chance it could eventually come to consoles as well. Anna Donlon, the executive producer for Valorant, spoke to GameSpot recently as part of the outlet's Play For All event and entertained the idea of Valorant one day coming to systems other than PCs and said it's something Riot has been "prototyping." Several reservations exist between Valorant and consoles, according to Donlon's comments, so there's a chance that the game may end up only playable on PCs in the future.

GameSpot asked Donlon about a possible console release for Valorant towards the end of the interview seen and heard in the above video. On the topic of console launches, Donlon said the Valorant team is "prototyping" the idea but that it's not sure the way Valorant is played now would translate to consoles.

"We are definitely prototyping that right now," Donlon said. "But there's a way to play this game and there's a way to experience this game that we're not entirely sure translates completely to console play."

Donlon continued to say the answer to whether the game would come to consoles or not certainly isn't a "no" right now. The Valorant team just doesn't want to compromise the competitive integrity and experience of the game, and there's some reservation there about having someone believe they've got an advantage based on whatever platform they may be playing on.

"If we were to do it, it'll definitely be delayed," Donlon continued.

There've been discussions in the past within the Valorant community as players found references to the PlayStation 4 and other platforms within the game's files. Others expressed interest in playing the game on consoles after that find, but it sounds like it'll be some time before that's ever a reality, assuming it actually happens.

Donlon also added that if the game didn't translate well to consoles and compromises had to be made to the point that it felt like a different game, Riot would just "go and make that game" instead. We've seen part of this philosophy in effect already in Riot's other projects like League of Legends: Wild Rift. The League of Legends game will come to mobile devices first and consoles later, but it's looking much different than traditional League so far.