Valve Calls 'Metro Exodus' Move to Epic Games Store "Unfair"

Epic Games pulled a huge power move for the PC gaming community when they announced last month [...]

Epic Games pulled a huge power move for the PC gaming community when they announced last month that they are going up against Steam for the online library niche in video games. With Fortnite's record-breaking success that continues to pump out strong numbers, the studio wants to take that and make it even bigger with their own launcher for both their games and third-party titles. Pair that with their incredible developer split and free games offered, it's already proven it's a huge contender.

Earlier this week, the company took things a bit further by essentially declaring war on Steam by poaching the highly anticipated Metro Exodus title from Valve's library. Though the pre-orders done through Steam will still be honored, it appears that Valve is taking the news with less grace than expected. Calling the move "unfair," the PC client took to the game's store page with an update to fans:

"We think the decision to remove the game is unfair to Steam customers, especially after a long pre-sale period. We apologize to Steam customers that were expecting it to be available for sale through the February 15th release date, but we were only recently informed of the decision and given limited time to let everyone know."

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Metro Exodus releases February 15th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more about the game itself:

  • Your choices determine your comrades' fate - not all your companions will survive the journey; your decisions have consequence in a gripping storyline that offers massive re-playability
  • The ultimate in atmosphere and immersion - a flickering candle in the darkness; a ragged gasp as your gasmask frosts over; the howl of a mutant on the night wind - Metro will immerse and terrify you like no other game
  • Embark on an incredible journey - board the Aurora, a heavily modified steam locomotive, and join a handful of survivors as they search for a new life in the East
  • Experience Sandbox Survival - a gripping story links together classic Metro gameplay with new huge, non-linear levels
  • A beautiful, hostile world - discover the post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness, brought to life with stunning day / night cycles and dynamic weather
  • Deadly combat and stealth – scavenge and craft in the field to customize your arsenal of hand-made weaponry, and engage human and mutant foes in thrilling tactical combat