Vanquish Now Available For PC, Platinum Games Discusses Its History


It’s been a few years since we’ve seen Platinum Games’ awesome action game Vanquish making the rounds – but that changes today.

That’s because Sega has given the action-packed shooter a re-release, this time on PC. The game is currently available for $19.99 and features remastered visuals, along with a bevy of other features that fans of the game won’t get enough of.

This marks the latest re-release that Sega has given PC owners, as it dropped Bayonetta out of nowhere last month, bringing her own action-oriented heroics back to the scene.

To help celebrate the return of Vanquish, Sega spoke with many members of the original development team, including producer Atsushi Inaba, enemy programmer Noriyuki Otani and producer Takaaki Yamaguchi, who discuss its legacy – and what a legacy it is.

“I think that there are still plenty of people who have never tried Vanquish,” noted Inaba, who opens the video by thanking its many fans. “And now that it has a PC version, I hope that many of you who are interested in it will take this opportunity to check it out.

“I think a lot of people know about Vanquish as a third-person shooter with an incredible sensation of speed. That sensation was a key part of the game’s development right from the beginning, as it was something we thought could be new and interesting and we wanted to make sure it realized the potential we saw for it right from the beginning.”

There’s a lot of insight in the video from the different team members, as well as bits and pieces of clips from the finished game that are sure to get you excited about playing it all over again – or for the first time, if you’re a newbie. There are a lot of intense moments, but the gameplay is adaptable enough that you should be able to get into it – and stick with it – with ease.

You can check out the full video below, and then be sure to check out Vanquish on Steam now. If you prefer, you can also find the console editions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 rather cheap as well.