Walmart Confirms Bad News About PS5 Restock

A variety of retailers ran PS5 restocks during Cyber Monday, including Walmart, which ran one of the largest restocks on the consumer holiday. As you would expect, the restock came and went in a flash, with the stock selling out fairly instantly. This is due to not only limited supply, but substantial demand and a healthy reseller market, which means scalpers continue to poach stock of the console and buy it in huge amounts thanks to bots. That said, the restock was significant, and as a result, many PlayStation fans retired from the hunt with a console, and this is where the bad news comes into play. 

Walmart -- or more specifically, Walmart customer service -- has confirmed that PS5 consoles bought during the Cyber Monday sale haven't been cancelled, but shipping on the orders has been delayed by a day or two. Thankfully, if you bought the console with Christmas in mind, it should still arrive before the holiday commences later this month. 

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear why the orders have been delayed, but this isn't extremely uncommon. In fact, sometimes orders are even cancelled. That said, and as always, we will keep you updated as more information surfaces. Right now though, this seems like it will be the final word on the PS5 restock. As for when the next PS5 restock from Walmart will be, we don't know, but surely there will be another one before Christmas, if not a few more.

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