Walmart Is Offering a Spectacular Xbox One X Bundle With Three Bonus Games, Including GTA V

Some of you have been holding out on buying the Xbox One X until you can find a respectably good [...]

Xbox One X

Some of you have been holding out on buying the Xbox One X until you can find a respectably good deal. After all, paying $500 for a system is a pretty deep investment, and it never hurts to get some perks on top.

Fortunately, Walmart has such a deal, as it's offering a special Xbox One X bundle that includes three top games, going for the price of $499.00. That means you're practically getting the three games for free.

Walmart didn't provide a timeframe in terms of how long it'll be offering the bundle, so you might want to jump quickly.

The bundle comes with the Xbox One X console, with 1TB hard drive, matching controller and hook-ups, and it also includes three games – Activision's Destiny 2, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V and EA's Star Wars: Battlefront II. So right off the bat, you're getting three games that take advantage of the hardware.

The page notes that you can choose the three games that come with the bundle, but the choices are limited to the games that are already listed, so don't worry about that. You just need to proceed with the default choices and add them to your cart, and then you can purchase the bundle.

Shipping may vary, and there also may be pick-up options available, so you'll have to see what's on hand when you're ready to check out. But regardless, this is easily one of the best Xbox One X deals out there – and there's a pretty good chance that it won't last, considering what a bargain it is.

The three games offered with the bundle offer a great deal of variety. Destiny 2 has strong co-op support, along with many worlds to explore and the competitive action of the Crucible. Grand Theft Auto V is a timeless classic, offering a tremendous single player campaign, along with Grand Theft Auto Online, packed with content. And Star Wars: Battlefront II rounds out the package with a strong campaign, along with many multiplayer options, including on-foot and vehicle segments. Can't forget about the Arcade Mode, either!

Check out the bundle here while supplies last!

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