Watch Dogs 3 Teased In Cryptic Ubisoft Tweet

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft has been on a roll lately, and one game that has gotten a lot of attention from fans is Watch Dogs 2, a hacking action/adventure title that made good improvements over the first game. So, a third entry is pretty much inevitable – and the publisher may have just teased it's on the way.

Earlier today, the company posted a tweet on the official Watch Dogs 2 Twitter account, and though that tweet mysteriously disappeared soon after (perhaps they were…hacked?), it read a pretty clear message: "This is everything."

Our friends at PlayStation Universe were able to capture a screen grab of the tweet before it was taken down, so you can see it below.

Watch Dogs 2
(Photo: PlayStation Universe)

Of course, this could be anything, but it sounds like a tease that a bigger hacking adventure is coming. And, if you recall playing the extended ending to Watch Dogs 2, you may recall that some coordinates were given, directing players to Brixton in the midst of London – and that could very well stand as the new location for the game, a change of pace from the original Watch Dogs' locale of Chicago, and the sequel taking place in San Francisco.

Now, with the tweet being taken down, and Ubisoft not saying a word (and probably won't until E3 rolls around, where the company is once again hosting its pre-show press conference), your guess is as good as ours in regards to what is happening with the Watch Dogs universe. But considering how well the second game sold, and how much the community loved it, it just makes sense to see a third entry make the rounds. For that matter, it could easily combine characters from both games, working together to maybe bring down the network once and for all. Perhaps London serves as the primary hub…?


Whatever the case, we're watching to see what Ubisoft says next about the game, as an announcement will probably happen in just a few months. For now, take the tweet with a grain of salt, but those hackers just might be telling us something. After all, they wouldn't say "this is everything" to nothing, right?

Watch Dogs 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.