The Wayward Realms Announced by Former Elder Scrolls Developers

Developer OnceLost Games has officially revealed its first game, The Wayward Realms. The studio is helmed by Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay, who were both lead developers on The Elder Scrolls Arena and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. The Wayward Realms is being billed as "The Grand RPG," with a scale to match its title. Apparently, this means a massive open-world, with "hundreds or thousands of NPCs." The game will take place in an area called The Archipelago, which is made up of more than a hundred different islands. Players can also expect plenty of lore to immerse themselves in, as well.

A teaser trailer for the game can be found at the top of this page and in the Tweet embedded below.

Customization fans will be happy to know that The Wayward Realms will offer a number of options to make the experience unique to them. Players will be able to design their own character classes, with options "really, really outside the box." These classes will have a major impact on the story, as will in-game decisions made by the player. The result should offer a much different experience for every player. The Archipelago will also feature a number of different types of areas to explore, including swamps, mountains, forests, and more.

All of this sounds great, but fans of The Elder Scrolls should keep in mind that The Wayward Realms won't be releasing anytime soon. The game already has a Steam page (which can be found here), but OnceLost Games was quick to state that this was done "to build a following and spread the word." At this time, the game has no release date, so those interested will just have to wait patiently for more updates as we learn more. Hopefully, OnceLost games will deliver an experience that lives up to the team's past achievements!


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