Why E3 2018 Belonged to Bethesda

E3 2018 is officially over and we were covering the event live again this year, but this year in particular felt much different than the past several expos held in Los Angeles, California and we just can't stop talking about it! This year was very much about the gamers, and that was even showcased very heavily in Xbox's surprisingly phenomenal show as well. Fans of all types were able to get something to hold dear, and the year ahead looks rife with fantastic stories. But there was one showcase in particular that I can't stop thinking about myself and that's Bethesda.

I go to Bethesda's showcase every year and let me tell you - they throw one hell of a party. If you're going, expect a great time and a time devoted to the Bethesda umbrella of fandom. But this year in particular not only had a ton of epic reveals (The Elder Scrolls VI AND Fallout?!) but they also proved that they were very much a force to be reckoned within gaming both against trolls and other harmful trends in the industry.

To me, Bethesda won best in show this year hands down. The popular meme that has been going around for years now about Todd Howard and how we're stuck in this perpetual loop of Skyrim releases was not off limits, with Howard himself even taking the meme by the horns and pretty much out-memeing us all. And the video, up top, isn't just a hilarious sketch about being able to play the fantasy title on Alexa - it's actually real. Yup, they actually created Skyrim for Alexa for their meme to end all memes. And yeah, it may be broken but as Howard himself even said - glitches are their claim to fame, "I read that on the internet so it must be true" he laughingly added during their presentation.

From the wild Andrew WK performance during the incredible Rage 2 in-depth look at gameplay, to the Elder Scrolls game that can be played on all platforms, including mobile, even Starlight was announced; there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Bethesda continues to be for the gamers, by the gamers, and will continue to live by that mantra in years to come.


What did you think about the showcase? What was your favourite part about the entire reveal? Was it Bethesda head Pete Hines smirking at the camera to say "F nazis," or was an actual trailer your highlight? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!