Check Out This Wild, Fist-Pumping Trailer for a Fishing Simulator Update

Have you ever been excited for a video game that puts the spotlight on fishing? If not, the devs at Dovetail Games have put together a trailer that pertains to an update for their fishing title, and it is bound to get just about anyone pumped. Fishing Sim World has officially launched its Pro Tour, which will allow players to expand their experience by going after a bounty of fish in order to become the best. However, not before one takes in the glory that is the recently released launch trailer for the update.

The latest trailer for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour features "My Time," a track from Wolves. It is definitely a little more upbeat and hard-hitting than one would expect to be featured in a trailer for a game about fishing, but here we are. You can check out the trailer in question for yourself above, but be warned as it may cause you to get excited.

In case you are wondering about the video game itself, here's more from Dovetail Games:

"Standing in your way are 'real world anglers' such as Scott Martin, Ali Hamidi, John Crews, Dave Levy, Jacob Wheeler, Ian Russell and many more as you compete in a multiple tournament career path, going from amateur to elite status, gaining social media following and earning sponsorship deals from over 50 licensed tackle companies such as Korda, Booyah, Mainline, 13Fishing and RidgeMonkey, all linked to your ongoing career earnings.

"Fishing Sim World Pro Tour has 10 lakes to choose from, including the famous tournament venues, Lake Guntersville and Lake Travis as two of our five vast US lakes. European venues include Gigantica Main Lake in France, Manor Farm Lake from the UK’s top day-ticket water complex Linear Fisheries and a section of the Grand Union Canal in London. With plenty of variety in the environments, different styles of fishing and hundreds of trophy fish to catch, there are always new challenges to face, that will test your skills to the limit."


Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is currently available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What do you think about all of this? Have you ever been so pumped while watching a trailer for a fishing game? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!