We Must Have This "Ugly" Windows 95 Sweater

windows 95
(Photo: Microsoft)

There's a lot of great "ugly" sweaters out there. But not many are better than the latest from Microsoft, who apparently has some very talented ugly Christmas sweater designers in its ranks.

Dubbed, the "Windows Ugly Sweater," the new god-tier sweater features none other than the Windows 95 logo and a design inspired by it. It's like wearing nostalgia. Unfortunately, Microsoft are insisting on torturing the world by not putting the sweater on sale, but rather leaving it to the ugly Christmas sweater gods to decide who will be lucky enough to show up at this year's holiday parties -- and every year after -- in it.

According to a Microsoft representative, via Business Insider, the company is looking for fans who have showed the company "their authentic love for Windows," presumably via Twitter. And apparently I need to show Microsoft my deep love for Windows 95 more, because my DMs are currently empty.

If you haven't been awarded one yet, there's a good chance you won't be getting one, as Microsoft only made 100 of them. At the moment of publishing this, it's unclear if any are left, but we do know many have been dished out already. Sadly.


As you would expect, and as you can see by the post's engagement, people really, really want one.

Microsoft hasn't revealed any plans to make the sweater available for purchase. Now, excuse me while I go vicariously live through those that did win one.