The Witcher Showrunner Says Criticized Element Won't Be Issue in Season 2

While Netflix's The Witcher has been enjoyed by critics and audiences alike, there's one element of the show that hasn't been as well-received: the first season's structure. The show uses a unique narrative structure that some have found off-putting, which even resulted in one fan creating a timeline to help viewers keep better track of the show's events. Fortunately for fans that were a bit put-off by the decision, season 2 will follow a more traditional structure. On Reddit, showrunner Lauren Hissrich detailed the decision, and why things will take a different path for the show's upcoming second season.

"The narrative structure was put in place so that we could tell Geralt's short stories (the foundation of the whole Witcher world, in my opinion), while Ciri and Yennefer could also be a part of the action. They're stories don't happen simultaneously, so we knew we needed to play with time a bit. This will definitely change in season two, as they're stories have begun to converge.

Honestly? I didn't expect this to be one of the most hotly-contested part of the series. I've heard a lot of people say "I didn't figure it out until episode 4!" -- which is exactly when we expected people would do it. I think it's a matter of personal choice. I like movies with structures I have to figure out as I go -- other people may not. In this case, the people who hated it will luck out, because S2 is structured differently. :)"

Many viewers will likely be happy to hear about the adjustment. Of course, it's perfectly understandable why Hissrich would want Ciri and Yennefer's stories to start earlier in the show. Given the major role both characters play in the series moving forward, it only makes sense to familiarize the audience with them sooner, rather than later. By doing it this way, Hissrich was also able to keep things more faithful to the source material.

Regardless, season one likely proved a difficult task for the show's producers, given the fact that it's based on a series of short stories, rather than a cohesive novel. While season 2 will still cover events from The Last Wish, as the show progresses beyond Andrzej Sapkowski's initial book, it should be easier as the central narrative of The Witcher unfolds.


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