Today's Wordle Could Trip Some Players Up

Today's Wordle puzzle has all the hallmarks of a word that could prove to be tricky for some players, but it seems like many on the Internet haven't had too many issues so far. The newest Wordle continues a streak of solvable puzzles, following a rough week of puzzles that saw many streaks come to an untimely end. We'll dig into today's Wordle puzzle later, explaining why it might trip some players up and providing some clues for those who are stumped. If you want to get some hints for today's puzzle, keep reading. Otherwise, you may not want to scroll to the bottom of the article, as we'll give the answer away to those who either want to avoid breaking their streak or simply are curious at the very end of the article.

For those who somehow have missed out on the Wordle craze so far, the rules of the game are simple: players have six tries to guess a five letter word. Players receive clues based on which letters their guess shares with the correct word. A letter shaded in yellow means that letter also appears in the correct word, but in a different letter location. A letter shaded in green means that letter appears in the same spot in the correct word.

On average, it takes Wordle players about 4 tries to correctly guess a daily puzzle, although a few puzzles can be significantly trickier. As we noted before, words that end with the same sequence of four letters can be problematic, especially if it takes players a few guesses to get that word sequence. That's what happened last week with "WATCH," as there are several other 5-letter words that also end with "ATCH."

So – what's the solution today's Wordle puzzle – aka Wordle 278? Unfortunately, today's answer does contain a somewhat common word ending, with a whopping 17 words sharing the same word ending. However, that word ending is only 3 letters long, which should provide players with a little more wiggle room to figure out one of the two remaining letters. The good news is that only one of those 17 letter shares four common letters with the correct answer, so we're confident in your ability to solve today's Wordle. 

Still stumped on today's Wordle puzzle? The answer to Wordle 278 is...CHEST. 

Let us know if you got today's Wordle puzzle in the comment section, and if you managed to match our score of getting it in three tries!