World War I Horror Game Ad Infinitum Trailer Revealed

Adopting a new take on supernatural spin-off games that take place during times of war, Ad [...]

Adopting a new take on supernatural spin-off games that take place during times of war, Ad Infinitum recently revealed the first full trailer for the survival-horror game.

One of two projects from the Germany-based, six-member team that makes up the indie developer StrixLab, Ad Infinitum promises to have a strong, atmospheric environment that puts players deep in the trenches of World War I.

In the game, players are expected to navigate the trenches while solving puzzles and clearing away debris, all while being chased by some seriously sinister looking creatures.

"You find yourself in the trenches of a forlorn battlefield where vicious creatures lurk in the shadows," reads one of the only cryptic descriptions listed on the game's home page. "Solve challenging puzzles to clear pathways and avoid deadly traps and sneak through a maze of trenches to hide from the manifested horrors of war."

The trailer only features brief glimpses of the pale terrors that seem to possess elongated fingers and bodies that are pretty common when it comes to disturbing enemies, but they truly do look like adversaries that make the run-and-hide aspect of the game seem much more appealing.

The game has actually been in the works for awhile, appearing on Steam Greenlight since March of 2015. There's been several updates and announcements made since the reveal of the trailer, the most recent being a developer announcement in April where the developers promised that they were "working a lot to bring the vision of Ad Infinitum to life" and were moving forward with a pre-alpha demo to test out.

While there's only so much known about the game at this time, it does appear to have several things going for it to set it apart from other horror installations. The use of Unreal Engine 4 in the game creates an absolutely stunning experience if the full game is anything like the trailer, made even better by the immersive first-person experience the game offers. Not to say that it looks like a good idea to fight the enemies anyway, but the apparent emphasis on running and hiding from the Lovecraftian foes adds a sense of urgency that's sometimes lost in games where there's an option to simply blast your way to the objective. It's also a fresh change of pace from the zombie theme that's immensely popular in the Call of Duty series, an incorporation of other supernatural elements that aren't restricted to a specific genre.

There's no release date set for the game at this time, but StrixLab occasionally updates the game's progress via Twitter.