WWE 2K18 Won’t Use Paid Microtransactions To Earn Loot Cases


While I enjoyed the heck out of NBA 2K18, there was one problem that the community found to be unavoidable – the paid Microtransactions system which basically rewarded you with a “pay to win” scenario. 2K Sports has since revised it a little bit, but some are still complaining that it’s a bit on the hefty side.

And that cast a small shadow of doubt over the upcoming WWE 2K18, as many fans feared that 2K would be putting in a similar system with its Loot Cases, which come packed with gear and bonuses that you can equip on your wrestler.

But you can rest easy. The official WWE 2K18 Twitter page has made it absolutely clear that this isn’t the case. The team noted, “There are no paid Microtransactions in #WWE2K18.” It came in response to a fan who noted, “here comes the Microtransactions.”

Furthermore, the team provided a link to another page talking about in-game currency and how it could be used to unlock Loot Cases. Here’s the breakdown of how it works:

“Along with upgrading your MyPLAYER comes deeper customization. This year, you’ll be able to unlock hundreds of moves and Superstar parts to customize your MyPLAYERs as you see fit.2K

Unlocks can be earned through loot cases and progression in both MyCAREER and ROAD TO GLORY. Most Superstar parts and moves are locked from the start. Once an item is unlocked, it is then purchasable with VC.

There are three levels of loot cases: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You have a higher chance of unlocking more rare items in Silver and Gold cases. You can purchase loot cases in MyPLAYER, MyCAREER and ROAD TO GLORY. You will also earn loot cases through progression in both MyCAREER and ROAD TO GLORY.”

It’s good to see that WWE 2K18 won’t be taking the “pay to play” format, because all someone needs to do is roll up with “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase style cash and they’ll rule Wrestlemania with an iron fist.

The game has other features to like as well, including a Road To Glory mode that will no doubt challenge the best of the best in wrestling. Bring it on!

WWE 2K18 will release on October 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.