WWE 2K19: Showcase Mode Returns, Celebrates Daniel Bryan's Career

WWE 2K19 will feature the fan-favorite Showcase mode once again with this year’s focus on Daniel [...]

WWE 2K19 will feature the fan-favorite Showcase mode once again with this year's focus on Daniel Bryan, a wrestler with a wild story of retirement and return that players will be able to experience for themselves.

The announcement from 2K that the Showcase mode would be returning was shared earlier today, but a select group of people got to hear about it first through a private event. Forbes reported that both Bryan and 2K first made the announcement at Aberdeen High School in Aberdeen, Washington, the same school that the wrestler used to attend. Though other modes couldn't be talked about until they were officially unveiled, 2K did share the trailer above to preview part of Bryan's journey that players can relive in the Showcase mode.

Many of the scenes in the trailer that mixes real parts of his wrestling career mixed with in-game footage are moments that those who have followed Bryan's WWE career will recognize. He's been a WWE Champion, tag-teamed with Kane, served as the SmackDown General Manager after injuries pushed him into retirement, and most recently came back to the ring this year to much fanfare from his followers. His "Yes!" chant that's heard in the trailer is one of the most recognizable parts of his wrestling persona, a chant that'll instantly make wrestling fans think of Bryan when they hear it.

The Showcase mode in WWE 2K games is essentially a story mode for the wrestling series that follows the path of a small number of wrestlers. Though game modes like that have existed in various forms in past WWE 2K games, the Showcase mode specifically made its first appearance back in WWE 2K15 with the game focusing on two different rivalries and a third being added as DLC. Other wrestlers and themes such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWE Hall of Fame have been featured in later installations in the series, but it looks as though this one in WWE 2K19 will focus solely on Bryan unless 2K has plans for future DLC.

Outside of the Showcase mode preview, the trailer also reminds buyers of the preorder bonuses that let them play as a Ronda Rousey and Rey Mysterio. Players who opt for the Deluxe Edition of the game will also gain access four days ahead of everyone else.

WWE 2K19 releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 5.