WWE 2K20 Isn't Working in 2020, and Here's How To Get Around It

WWE 2K20 has had a rather rough time of it right out of the gate, and while some things have stabilized online after several patches, a new issue has popped up that is a bit ironic given the name of the game. This is WWE 2K20 after all, so now that we're in the year 2020 and not 2019 somehow the game is not working properly, and it has to do with the year itself. If you currently try and start up any mode within the game, the game will stall and then kick you back out to the console's main screen, so even if you want to play single-player content you're out of luck. The good news is that there is a workaround, but only if you are on PlayStation 4 or PC.

We now know of the 2020 glitch courtesy of SmackNetwork, and you can see it in action in the post below. The video was posted with the caption "Ironically, #WWE2K20 won't let you load anything in 2020, it just crashes the game... 🤦‍♂️" Yeah, that facepalm emoji is pretty apt.

SmackNetwork also found a way to get around that issue thankfully, but unfortunately, Xbox One users won't be able to partake in it, so they will have to wait on an official patch.

PlayStation 4 and PC users are in luck though, and the fix is pretty easy. All you need to do is go to your system settings or control panel and change the year in your settings back to 2019, which fixes everything. As for Xbox One, the reason it won't work there is the system doesn't allow you to change the year in the time settings, otherwise, you could just do it there as well.

It had seemed like we were starting to see fewer and fewer issues and glitches with the game since the patches started rolling out, so this is an unfortunate snag on the road to recovery. 2K recently released their Wasteland Wanderers 2K Originals DLC, the second in their total of four expansion packs, all of which pack a different theme.

Here's hoping they can get this one fixed quickly, especially ahead of the other DLC releases.

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