WWE 2K20 Patch Fixes Game-Breaking Bug

WWE 2K20 had its fair share of problems last year and entered 2020 with a whole new debacle that pretty much left the game unplayable. The turn of the year apparently didn't play well with the wrestling game and people's systems that they were playing it on and crashed every time players tried to do anything. There was a workaround for the issue, but 2K said the problem has now been resolved to hopefully allow people to play uninterrupted.

People first noticed the game-breaking bug on January 1st when they tried to play WWE 2K20. Clips like the one below showed what happened when people tried to fire up the game at the start of the year, a process which consisted of basically nothing since the game didn't work.

If that issue is one that you encountered when trying to play, you're in luck now that 2K said it's fixed the issue. The support account for the studio tweeted about the problem twice on January 1st, one time to say that it was aware of the issue and another time to say that the issue had been resolved.

In case you do encounter another issue, 2K invited players to submit support tickets so that any remaining problems could be addressed.

The previous workaround for the problem was to mess with your system's internal clock to make the device think that the year was still 2019. This would allow you to play WWE 2K20 uninterrupted, but the irony of 2K20 not working in 2020 certainly didn't escape fans.

WWE 2K20 is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.