2005 Xbox 360 Exclusive Now Available to Download for Free

Amazon Prime is once again treating subscribers to a classic game for free.

A 2005 Xbox 360 console exclusive is now available to download for free. Unfortunately, if you're gaming on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X the free game is not available to you as it's been made free via its other platform, PC, and via Prime Gaming. This means not only do you need a PC to claim the free download, but you need an Amazon Prime subscription. Finally, you need to claim the game before September 14, which is when the deal expires. As for the game, it's Quake 4, an IP that Xbox now owns after acquiring Bethesda. 

Released in 2005 via developer Raven Software and publisher Activision, Quake 4 served as a sequel to Quake II and the fourth installment in the series. Obviously, with Raven Software making it, this was a big change for the series as id Software typically develops the series, however, it did serve on the project as a collaborator. Only available on PC and Xbox 360, it's a notable Xbox 360 console exclusive though it didn't absolutely smash it with critics, with its Metacritic score ranging from 76 to 82, depending on the platform. 

"Developed in 2005 by Raven Software in collaboration with id Software, Quake 4 is a narrative-driven, sci-fi, military-style first-person shooter and direct sequel to Quake II that also includes arena-style multiplayer modes," reads an official pitch of the game. 

The game's official pitch continues, with information about its story: "After the successful assassination of the Strogg's leader, Earth's military reignited its attack on the hostile aliens' homeworld of Stroggos. As Marine Corporal Matthew Kane of the elite Rhino Squad, your mission is to spearhead the invasion. But, in this desperate war for humanity's survival against an unrelenting enemy, you may discover that the only way to defeat them...is to become one of them."

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