Xbox Avatars Get Free 'Westworld' Outfits

Xbox owners who are also fans of HBO’s Westworld can now customize their Avatars with some [...]

Xbox owners who are also fans of HBO's Westworld can now customize their Avatars with some outfits straight from the world of the dystopian park.

The Avatar outfits are now available in the Avatar Marketplace and can also be found through the Xbox site. There are four different costumes available for the Xbox Avatars, and with two of them available in both male and female versions, there are six options in total. You can see what the Avatar outfits look like by heading to the site or finding them next time you sign in to your Xbox, but we've also got the short list of Westworld outfits below as well.

Both the Drone Host Bodysuit and the Technician Suit are the outfits that are available in male or female versions, but such options aren't available for the brown-hatted Teddy Suit and Dolores Dress that features the character's pale-blue outfit.

If you want to pick up more than one of these Avatar outfits, you can do so at no cost at all. Each of the Avatar cosmetics are free, so Xbox owners can try them on and swap them around whenever they want. If you head to any of the individual products' pages linked above, you can also sign into your Xbox account to see how the outfits will look on your Avatar before you make a decision.

The official Xbox account tweeted about Westworld a few days ago, so those who saw that tweet probably won't be too surprised to see the collaboration in the Avatar Marketplace. Xbox's tweet put the Xbox One controller in the center of one of the Westworld logo and was shared on Sunday April 22, the day that the second season of HBO's show began.

Westworld is the latest partnership seen in the Avatar Marketplace, the other most recent one being a selection of Avengers: Infinity War outfits and props. From Iron Man to Gamora, each one of these outfits come in both male and female options to customize your Avatar however you see fit. Companions and props like Groot and Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet are also available in the Avatar Marketplace, and all of these options are free as well.

If you haven't watched Westworld yet, you'll need to catch up on the first season before tuning in every week for the second season's episodes. The new episodes air every Sunday, but you can grab the Westworld outfits right now in the Avatar Marketplace.